Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Constantinus Africanus (1010 – 1087)

A physician from Tunis, he was originally a merchant, who apparently visited Salerno. In Salerno, he came in contact with some physician and became interested in medicine, he then returned to Africa and studied medicine.

According to his own story, during which time he acquired thirty years travelling in Egypt and the East during which time he acquired many medical and other works.

At the end of the 11th century Constantinus Africanus assembled a school translators who help bring the philosophical medicine back into the Latin-speaking world.

Constantinus’s translation of Arabic medical texts into Latin gave the west a number of important works. These formed the foundation of modern science and biology. He was a much cited authority from the twelve until sixteenth century and his translations were widely circulated.

Chief of these was the surgical part of Kitab al-Maliki (The Royal Book) of Ali ibn al-Abbas, which Stephen of Antioch translated as Regalis disposition.

These writings in Latin formed the basis of the curriculum of the School of Salerno, the first medical university in the West.
Constantinus Africanus (1010 – 1087)
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